Best custom ROM for Motorola Moto G

By | May 19, 2014
best custom rom MOTO g

Motorola Moto G is one of the best budget smart phone we have seen this season, not only in India other countries are also appreciating this device a lot. Similar like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, the Google owned Moto G gains the same attention from the people. One of the main reason behind its popularity is its hardware and build quality. 4.4 inch HD display powered by 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM and much more. Let’s come to the point, actually we are here to choose the best custom ROM for Motorola Moto G.

best custom rom MOTO g

Basically customs are developed to utilize more hardware than normal. A good custom ROM take cares of your device’s performance, automatically manages memory, optimizes battery power, transforms users interface and more you can do later by installing different custom ROM according to the needs.

If you owned this device just to play videos and music then I will suggest you not to go for custom ROM installation but if you want to utilize your device more than its normal capability choose the best custom ROM from the given list.

One more thing, who has rooted their Motorola Moto G can only get the listed custom ROM on their devices. So if are among them who has already gained the root access of your device go to the list to find the suitable ROM for your device.

Best custom ROM for Motorola Moto G

Carbon ROM

Carbon custom ROm Moto G

Carbon ROM – a quick responsive and stable Custom ROM for Moto G. This Custom ROM is specially developed for who use their smartphone more than it has provided for normal users (as I told earlier at the starting of this post), I mean to say ‘advanced users’ because it offers advanced customization features to improve  the device performance at peak level and to change the system interface according to the need.

The Carbon ROM is all time beloved Custom ROM with highly powerful features, because the ROM is developed with the help of three well-known SlimROM, AOKP and CyanogenMod sources.

Download Link

SlimKat ROM

Slimkat custom ROM moto G

Earlier this ROM was not much popular but after coming of Android Kitkat 4.4.2 update it started being popular and now has become one of the best custom ROM for any supported device. However its interface is quite dark but performance wise it is great to use. Not only Moto G this ROM is compatible with many mid-range, budget or high-end smartphone. This also includes its own SlimCenter which allows you to command the ROM.

If you want real customized Android rather than a more attractive UI then go for this ROM. Here below is the download link.

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Paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid Android custom ROM moto G

This ROM comes with innovative design that creates a floating notification bar on your Android. Paranoid Android with the help of HALO feature does that, also it requires little less memory to execute which means you are getting all three essential features which we generally try to get. So walk through the download link given below to get this all-in-one ROM on your new Motorola Moto G.

Download Link

InFusion Google Play Edition ROM

Infusion custom ROM moto g

Infusion ROM – fully interchangeable ROM for Moto G. It has its great features and totally different settings panel than the stock ROM for tweaking the framework and its execution. It includes the Xposed Framework application that allows the owners to change the interface in their remarkable way. There are so many things to describe but I left it upon you, just download and install this ROM and comment below its positive and negative aspects you found in the ROM. Here below is the download link,

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