Best courier services in India for eCommerce


eCommerce is currently booming sector in India and so many startups are starting the eCommerce business every year. Start ups will face so many challenges when starting the online store or an eCommerce website. In the previous article I have discussed how to setup an online store in India. The main thing to success in eCommerce business is reaching the goods to the customers in time and good customer support. For this, choosing the best courier service is the key thing in eCommerce business.

The courier company delivers the products ordered and the most important thing is to contact with the customer and don’t want to mess up. It makes some disappointment when you get a call from the customer complaining about the delay in delivery. There are so many courier service providers in India and here I am listing the best courier services in India for eCommerce.

Here I am rating the courier services depending upon the following factors.


  1. Serviceable area
  2. Rates
  3. Pick Up facility
  4. Delivery times
  5. COD
  6. Shipment tracking

1. Blue Dart


Blue dart is the leading courier service and it trumps the market when it comes to the service. It is expensive when compared to the other players in the market,  but their service is very good and only the India Post can parallel their service. Blue Dart has  a vast serviceable area and it provides the best, reliable and quickest deliveries across the India. Though it is slightly expensive, it offers the best service and the services they provide worth the price.

They charge approximately Rs.55-75 per 500 grams and depends on the service area. For COD service they charge Rs.80 or 3%  of the invoice value, whichever is higher.

2. India Post


India Post  is the one of the most competitive logistics solutions maintained by Indian government and offers service to most expansive areas. It offers Express Parcel Post called EPP service especially for the small businesses and the entrepreneurs sending the consignments across the India. The EPP service is offered for the parcel less than 35 kgs and the free pick up facility is offered for all the consignments less than 35 kg. Even though their rates on par when compared with the private players they offer the best service.

It covers the vast serviceable area and provides the best service. The price is from Rs.30-90 per 500 grams depending on the distance and the COD options is offered as VPP and for COD it charges Rs.25 per order.



DTDC is the most prominent courier service headquartered in Bangalore. Currently it delivers 11 million consignments per month across the ten thousand pin codes over India. It works on a franchise model, though all the shipments go through the DTDC network, there is no standard pricing that apply to all the DTDC channel partners. The best thing is check yourself about the performance and the pricing pattern in your area and judge better.

The rates are fluctuating and offer high prices compared to the other private players. Untimely deliveries and loos of the shipments are the common problems facing by the customers.



FedEx is an American based global courier delivery service company. FedEx India is the part of Indian service of the FedEx. FedEx offers two reliable domestic services, FedEx standard overnight and FedEx priority overnight.

  • Standard overnight : For all the commercial shipments cost is >INR 5,000.
  • Priority overnight : For all the documents and parcels cost is <INR 5,000.

Both these services are backed by the international service characteristics of FedEx. The main drawback with the FedEx is it don’t cover extensive serviceable area like its domestic competitors. Apart from the serviceable area the service is very good and the FedEx account can be used for the domestic and international services also. The prices are little high and the prices can dropped up to 60-70%.

5. Aramex


Aramex is a global logistics and transportation services company based in Amman, Jordan. Aramex India is the Indian wing of Aramex headquartered in Mumbai. It provides the best logistics solutions for the eCommerce ventures but they haven’t delivered as much as they promised. Most of the people burn their hands with its untimely deliveries, delay in account settlements in the case of COD and loss of the shipments.

They charge approximately Rs.60 per 500 grams and for the COD it charges Rs.75 per 500 grams or 4% of the invoice value, whichever is higher. The service they provide is not worthy when compared to the prices they charge.

6. First Flight


First Flight has the long standing establishment as a courier service. The prices are reasonable for the general shipments but when it comes to the eCommerce sector the prices they charge are higher when compared to the other logistics partners. Though they charge the higher prices, they provide the very good service. Number of eCommerce businesses switched to the courier partners with the better service after their customers complained about the untimely deliveries and loss of the shipments.

It offers the COD as a value added service and the customers can request for an online pickup. The charges are higher and they charge Rs.60-210 per 500 grams depending on the delivery zone.

These are the best among all the courier services and still there are other courier services like Deccan, Maruti courier, TNT and more. These courier services also have good performance in certain areas and we can’t completely ignore them.