Best cities to launch a startup


Initially startups face problems of lack of capital, human resources and marketing facilities. So, choosing the right place to launch a startup is key factor. Access to funding, labor, cost of living, access to market and some other factors play key factors which can make or break a new business. We have done a small research and found these cities as the best places to launch a startup.


Best cities to launch a startup

1. San Diego, California

San Diego is the major city in California and many startups has started their journey from here. Small and medium enterprises that are ranked in top five on every category put San Diego in the top slot and there is heavy concentration in the industries projected with high growth. Its environment is favorable of accepting credit cards and adopting social media easily. This city is home to the fifth best rated communities in United States.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver is the largest city and capital of Colorado and it is another favorable places for launching the startups. Denver’s startups are highly concentrated on projecting the high-growth industries specifically real estate, computer systems design and related services, household goods repair and maintenance, support works for mining and personal. These companies are also likely to having the websites and are reviewed online.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas and 11 most populous city in United States. We have placed it in third with respect to the high-growth industries and businesses in the computer software and service industry. Denver and San Diego are only two other cities with equal concentration of the small companies across the number of high growth sectors. It also ranked in top ten for the best reviewed business category.

4. Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and one of the best places to start a startup. Web savvinesss and a high score among the best liked business rankings put Portland in this list. This city is near the bottom in terms of all high growth industries, but these industries are in the top 10 among the computer software and services. Mainly the startups here are likely into design websites and Facebook pages. This makes this city favorable for starting a business.

5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and is the fast growing city in United States. Though the businesses are dominated by tech giants like ¬†Microsoft and Amazon, the city’s startups still rank high on nearly all fronts- number 3 in best reviewed small business, 5 in concentration of computer software services, 6 for businesses mostly likely accepting credit cards and 4 among businesses with Facebook pages.

6. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is considered as the tech capital of United States and offers favorable conditions for launching a startup. It has the best liked businesses in US and most of the businesses accept credit cards, Most of the companies here are into computer software and services. You may be surprised why it is placed in 6th, because the least proportion of small to larger companies and low percentage of Web-savvy small businesses.

7. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the other major city in State of Texas and this city gets good marks consistently across all the categories. Its startups not like others will fall in the high growth industries list and adopt social media. Many of the satrtups here are employing less than 50 people, the city boasts the relatively large small business community.

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s Startups score well in all areas, but except in adopting Facebook. Boston’s startups ranks fifth among those with the websites they are highly unlikely to grasp the Social media. That’s a absurdity worth considering that web-savvy is not a blanket term sweeping in all online media.

9. Atlanta

Atlanta was ranked in first place two years ago, but now it has slipped but still it is performing well. The well educated population in the city makes it open for the entrepreneurial activity and more than 47% of the residents of 25 years and older hold minimum bachelor’s degree. Atlanta has made lots of overtures to attract the startups such as tax rebates and more.

10. New York

Although New York is highly expensive, it is one of the best place for the startups to start their journey. Startups here rank high on concentration in high growth industries and in their prevalence viz bigger companies. Like Boston, New York also  claims the highest percentage of small business with the websites in United States and lowest in warming to Facebook pages.