Best Calendar Apps for Windows Phone

By | July 1, 2014

After Raising the popularity of windows phone the windows store has reached one mail stone as more than 200,000 applications are available now, How ever just numbers are not important because all the users wont use all the applications. They use only familiar applications Here in this article I am posting the best Calendar Apps for Windows Phone as follows.

CalendarPro Free

This is the best application for both windows 7 as well as windows 8, The Calendar Pro is an enhanced version of Calender[+]. This application brings the best features of calender app for free daily, weekly, monthly view and also it has search and filter based grouping. The some of the features of the Calendar pro includes

  • Full functional trail.
  • Wide main tile showing next and later appointment.
  • Wide tiles for daily, monthly, and weekly views.
  • You can add appointment from the any view.

Download this CalendarPro Free application by Clicking Here

Chronos Calendar 

Current this New Calender application is available on this platform where this Chronos Calender is consider as a best application for the windows phone. This application will defintly will sync the all the data in your previous calender application and automatically the data present in the old version is shifted to the new version. This application trail version is free for a week later user need to pay $1.99. The main asset of this film is it accepts all the languages. According to developer this application is has inbuilt holiday and special day information for over billion people’s cultures and countries. Click Here to visit the Chronos Calender

Simple Calendar

Simple calender is the simple and high rated calendar application on Windows phone platform, This application is free of cost and uses the exiting calender so there is nothing to set up and your personal data never goes to our server. The main assets and features of the windows simple calender are as follows

  • Very easy to use no set up required.
  • This Design is simple and beautiful.
  • The applications does that sends data to our servers.
  • Easily add an appointment by double-tapping on a day in the month view or a time in the week view
  • Easily jump to today’s date by tapping and holding on the calendar
  • Month view lets you see all the appointments for a particular day
  • Multiple appointments on wide and medium live tiles
  • Option to use transparent background
  • Option to hide all day appointments on the live tile after a certain time of day (you customize the time you want)


Cal is the best calendar app in the market. Its a beautiful and easy to use calendar which features a gorgeous livetile and connects to your Microsoft, Google and even Facebook calendars. The calendar app is superbly clean and minimalist looking, really eye catching. The latest version is 1.4.0. Click Here to download this application.