Best Buy gives you $50 discount on Pebble Time


Pebble_Time_Smartwatch_38mm _Polycarbonate

You are looking for smartwatch for this holiday season, so that you can gift it to your dear ones. There is a good news for you folks, as Best Buy is offering you an early savings of $50 on Pebble Time Smartwatch. You can buy the Pebble Time Smartwatch 38mm Polycarbonate at $50 discount.

Pebble’s this smartwatch is one of the company’s most anticipated smart wearable devices, you can buy this watch from Best Buy at the price of $149.99, which is a pretty good deal. The description of this device reads, “Easily manage your busy life with help from this versatile smartwatch, which offers a variety of notifications at a glance and keeps track of your steps and sleep, just connect with your Apple® iOS or Android device via the Bluetooth interface to get started.”

This Pebble smartwatch comes with water resistant design, which allows you to wear this watch while swimming and shower. This wearable device will also track your sleeping and fitness habit. It is also compatible with activity tracking app from Misfit, Fitocracy, Runkeeper or Jawbone.

The Pebble Time Smartwatch 38mm Polycarbonate also shows you some useful information like weather report, news, calendar events, app’s alerts and sports scores. This smartwatch comes with Color E-Paper Display, which gives you clear view of its display. You can also reply to your messages through your voice, as the device comes with built-in microphone.

This smartwatch from Pebble comes with Bluetooth for connectivity, it can pairs with your Android and iOS device for further uses. This device features stainless bezel and according to the company it will last up to 168 hours. This is a pretty good smartwatch, as it comes with lots of features that can fulfill almost all your needs.