Best Android apps to identify callers location

By | June 30, 2014

Sometimes you will get the calls from the unknown numbers and sometimes you will be irritated with those numbers and if you want to find out the caller where they are calling from then caller ID apps let you know who are calling you, block the spam and unknown callers and find the location of the caller. There are hundreds of apps which do the same function and here I am listing some best Android apps to identify callers location and block the unknown callers.

1. Truecaller


Truecaller is the most popular mobile phone community for mobiles and it is considered as the first option as a global phone directory, and to block the unwanted and spam calls. It is also the best app to identify the callers location. The another interesting feature it has is that you can search for the digits and names of individuals seamlessly anywhere across the globe. Truecaller reveals that the directory contains more than 750 million searchable contacts. When your mobile is buzzing with the unknown number this software displays the details of the caller.

Download Truecaller.

2. Mr. Number


Mr. Number is the best alternative to the Truecaller and it easily blocks the unwanted calls and texts which identify and block the spam and unwanted callers and view the details of the unknown phone numbers. This is not just limited to one contact and it can be extended even to an area code or any country across the globe. It is considered as the most powerful blocker in the market. You can report the spam callers MMS and SMS messages and it provides the deeper insight to the business scattered across US.

Download Mr. Number 

3. callR ID


It automatically identifies the incoming callers and also displays the details, location from the caller is calling. It comes with the tagline “turns that number into name”. It also allows the users to find the people, services or businesses quickly by directly searching using the name or number. If you have the specific information you can punch this data seamlessly and find all the details about that person.

Download callR ID

4. WhosCall


It is the best app for identifying and blocking the calls and is a product of LINE. With this you can instantly find the source of the calls and the text messages even the caller details is not in your contact list. It database consists of more than 600 million numbers and it has filtered more than 20 million calls and detected more than 5,00,00 malicious calls. The few noteworthy features of this app are real time searching, smart number tagging and handy to ring back.

Download WhosCall

5. Real Caller ID


It is the another best caller ID app for Android which tells you details about the caller from other side and gets you the adress and location of the caller. It pulls the best and most up to date caller information you can get. It also provides you the recent caller list which displays the data even when you miss the call. It is available in both free and paid versions, free version has some locked features whereas paid version comes with all features unlocked.

Download Real Caller ID

6. CIA


CIA is the acronym of the Caller Identification App and is the finest app known by the most of the Android users who often search for the caller ID apps. It find out the details of the unknown callers, block the unwanted and spam callers and find out the location of the callers. It comes in the form of names, addresses and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Download CIA

7. Current caller ID


It contains the information up-to-date and give you the way to update you local and social data with effortless upon all the texts and callers. It shows you the details of the unknown numbers before answering the call and also who is texting you  if they are not in the contact list. Block the numbers of the unknown and spam callers and view the social status and the weather and news for your contacts.

Download Current caller ID



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