Best Android apps for Electrical engineers

By | June 30, 2014

The domain and range of apps for mobile has been increasing in the past few years and are performing better that most of the smartphone users are depending on these apps and cannot go in the day without using these apps. With the increase of the use of the smartphones students depend on the apps to update themselves. The main reason for the dependability on the mobile apps is portability, accessibility and amazing functionality of the Android apps.

One domain which benefits a lot from the Android apps is Electrical engineering. There are many apps in the market which helps to meet the needs of the electrical students and professionals. By doing little research I found some best Android apps for Electrical Engineers and Students.


1.Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering comes first place in the best apps for Electrical Engineers. It is the newly developed app which consists of 3 important tools such as electrical calculator, electrical formulas and electrical circuit calculator. These tools are very helpful to calculate the current in parallel circuits, refer to the formulas and see the list of eBooks and download those eBooks.

Download Electrical Engineering.

2. EveryCircuit

EveryCircuit is very simple and useful application for the Android smartphone users which helps the Electrical professional and students to build and simulate the circuit ideas. Its not just an eye candy inside it packs custom built simulation engine optimized for the interactive mobile use and realistic device models. This app features several helpful tools and options and its premium version comes for $10.

Download EveryCircuit.

3. ElectroDroid

ElectroDrios is one of the simple and most powerful collection of electrical and electronics tool in the market. The free version is available for this app which comes with ads and PRO version also available in the market which unlocks the more features and get rid of ads. It has more than 1 million to 5 million installs and contain lots of useful color code, sources information of Resistor, Capacitor color code, inductor and more.

Download ElectroDriod

4. Lessons in Electric Circuits

This app is very good reference book and resource for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering students and professors. This app contains 6 volumes of lessons in Electric circuits.

  1. Volume 1 –DC
  2. Volume 2 –AC
  3. Volume 3 –Semiconductors
  4. Volume 4 –Digital
  5. Volume 5 –Reference
  6. Volume 6 –Experiments

Download lessons in Electric Circuits

5. Droid Tesla

Droid Tesla is the advanced, simple and powerful SPICE engine. SPICE is the acronym for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. It is helpful to simulate, analyze different electronic and electric circuits by using KCL and KVL concepts. Using Droid Tesla you can solve both the non linear and linear circuits like Capacitive, inductive, resistive, Diode, Transistor, BJT, Logic gates and much more.

Download Droid Tesla

6. Electronics Toolkit

Electronics Toolkit offers to calculate the unknown quantities in Electrical and Electronics Engineering field. It offers the useful and simple interface to calculate the unknown quantities in electrical and electronics engineering field. It provides the resistor color code, Ohm’s law and power calculator. It is available in two versions free and pro versions. Free version is limited to some features and pro version unlocks all the features.

Download Electronics Toolkit

7. Electrical Pro

Electrical Pro is the great tool for the Electrical and electronic students and professors and also electricians. It is the compilations of the apps which use the 2008/2011/2014 National Electric Code (NEC). This lets you to calculate the fault calculations, motor calculations, wire ampacity, Voltage Drop, residential feeder size. It is available only in pro version and you need to buy it.

Download Electrical Pro

8. Electrical calculations

It is the very essential app for the electrical and electronic engineers and the electricians. It can identify the unknown values of the different quantities of the electronic and electrical circuits. This app features lots of electrical calculators at once. It is available in two versions free and pro, while pro version comes with more unlocked features.

Download Electrical Calculations 

9. Electrical LV Calculator

It is the very useful and powerful app of low voltage for the electrical engineers, technicians, professors and students. It lets you design the electrical system which reduces the reactive power, maximum allowable power installation, improve power factor and calculate the voltage drop, short circuit current, automatic switch current and more.

Download Electrical LV calculator

10. Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring calculates the residential load, Ground wire sizing, Conduit fill, copper and aluminum wire sizes and Voltage drop, electric components and more. This comes in two version free and paid version.

Download Electrical Wiring