Best Android apps for Civil Engineers


If you want explode your knowledge in construction field there are many apps available in the Android Google pay store for Civil Engineers.These apps gives you several information including calculations of perimeter, Area, Volume, civil related measurements and units, Display a variety of angles best civil Engineering Books, information about the books and distances of the shape for different geometrical shapes. Suppose if you are looking at Civil Engineer Career or you already a Civil Engineer, Know this type of applications definitely helpful. we are here to post the best Android apps for Civil Engineers which helps in their professional careers. Follow the applications given below.

Civil Engineering Basics

This is the unique application for all the students of Civil, This application covers around 61 topics of basic engineering in detail. These 61 topics are divided in four units and each unit has 300 words with completely diagrams, equations, Graphical representations and many more. The topics of the this applications are Accuracy of measurements, Instruments, compactors and many more basics. Each and every topic is easy and simple to understand. If you are interested Click Here to Download the Civil Engineering Basics.

Civil Engineering Dictionary

This app also gives the information regarding Civil Engineering which helps you to understand the basics in Civil Engineering, The topics covered in this application are Civil Engineering materials, Fundamental definition, Material properties and mechanics. You can use this application in any where in the work if you have any doubts regarding the basics. Click Here to Download this application.

Civil Calculator

This is application regarding Calculator, This is a simple Civil calculator tool which is a collection of  Civil Engineering calculations and students to calculated different types of measurements with units. Click Here to Download this Calculator.

Civil Sutra

This Civil Sutra is an application tool which satisfies all you needs, This application is specially designed for the Civil Engineers, Civil Supervisors, Contractors, Architects. The features of this Civil Sutra includes

  • Specially designed for the calculations and designing work.
  • It contains standard tables and formulae to make your work easy and effortless.

Finally I can say one thing this application civil Sutra is the exact solution for you, its like a guide which helps you in all aspects with this you can difficult task with in clicks.

Beam Design

This is a rich and finite element application designed specially for the Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as well as students who are willing to know about this. In this application you can input and edit the hyperstastic beams, forces, supports etc both graphically and textually. The calculations will be performed in the background process with out disturbing your current situation. The features of this application includes

  • F,T and Q rectangular and triangular loads.
  • Load cases as well as load combinations including factors.
  • Imposed Deflections.
  • Fixed and hinge connections at the beam ends.
  • Fixed and hinge supports at any direction.
  • M, N, V, ux, uz, utot, phi, sigma and unity checks output.
  • Moment, Shear, Stress, Deflection, Reaction forces and Unity checks.

These are the Android applications which will be helpful for all the civil engineers and students doing civil Engineering in their professional careers. I request to make use of this applications.