Best and Free Wallpaper Management Apps for Android


There are many Wallpaper Management Apps are present in the Android eco-system. These Wallpaper Management Apps for Android always gives a fresh look to your Android device. These apps are handling all the live wallpapers and remove the desktop clutter. These apps are simple to use and quickly changes the wallpaper of your Smartphone or Tabllet. You can choose the wallpaper of your Android device according to your choice (Because every user has different choice and taste), so these apps are very helpful for you. This time I bring the best and free wallpaper management apps for the Android.

List of Free and Best Wallpaper Management Apps for Android-

Wallpaper Changer

The Wallpaper Changer  app allows you to quickly change your wallpaper with one single click on a widget. It is a free app. It is optimized for battery life & performance, so it might take some seconds to actually change the wallpaper after a click on the widget! The app is easy to use and  also offered you to set a timer, to automatically change your wallpaper, according to your preference. You can download this app from here!


The current versions of the app do not provide any API to change the lockscreen wallpaper for the Android OS. It only depends on your ROM, if your lockscreen wallpaper has changed, when the home screen wallpaper changes.

Features :

  • Easily add images or even folders through the Android gallery & other file managers
  • Change wallpaper with a timer, on each lockscreen unlock or through a customizable widget
  • Widgets: change to next wallpaper in rotation list, select the wallpaper you want to see or change the album with one click
  • Ordered rotation or random list
  • Very low memory and battery consumption
  • No ads in the free variant
  • Muzei integration

Wallpaper Manager Lite

It is another famous app in the category of the wallpaper management. This app is also free like the above one. This simple app Wallpaper Management app has removed all your desktop clutter to show and manage your (live) wallpapers in your Android device. This app provides three different modes such as-  Normal Mode, Photoframe mode and the Screen Saver mode. You can download this app by clicking here!


Features :

  • Show your wallpaper on a fullscreen display mode (background cleaner): Immediately hide apps icons and widgets
  • Allow quick live wallpapers settings
  • Allow full interaction with live wallpapers
  •  Easy to use
  • In the Screensaver mode- It is automatically when your device’s screen turns off/on

Automatic Wallpaper Changer 3

With the use of this Wallpaper management app, you can select any saved image set as Wallpaper of your Smartphone for a set amount of time. You can even set the wallpaper to be changed when the screen is off, and this app won’t interfere with any other operations. You can also choose to show images from  the newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or randomly, the choice depends on you. You can also set the app to start automatically when you turn the power on your Smartphone. You can download this app from here!


Features :

  • This app does not create unnecessary copies of your images to use as wallpaper.
  • Automatic Resizing
  • Unlimited wallpaper images
  • Saves energy and Memory also

Wallpaper Wizardrii

The Wallpaper Wizardrii app is indeed changing the way you set and customize wallpapers on your Android device. With the use of this free app, you can set your own images, Portrait, Landscape, and Crop and do many more things. The app’s biggest asset, so far is that it will allow you to take virtually any image, that you want and scales it for you so you can apply it as wallpaper in your Android Smartphone. This app offered you 9 options, with the use of them, you can show your creativity and makes a personalize wallpaper which made only for your phone. You can download this wonderful app from here!


Features :

  • There are 9 sets options available. 9 options include: Crop Exact, Crop Landscape, Crop Portrait, Crop Scale, Exact, Scale, Stretch Landscape, Stretch Portrait, and Solid Color.
  •  Set own wallpaper
  • A Number of options are present for customization

Image 2 Wallpaper

It is a famous Android app, which can set the picture as wallpaper with/without resizing. This app is downloaded more 4  million. It is a free app and use of this app  you can select a picture from the gallery, resize it, and set it as wallpaper on your Android device. This app allowed, you  activate this application via “Intent“.  You can select the picture in the gallery or another app, and “share” it with this application. You can download this app from here!


Features :

  • Both phone and tablet are supported.
  • Resize the image to fit it to the wallpapers width, height, or display width. Or set without resizing (Dot by Dot, DbD).
  • Align the image horizontally and vertically. Left/center/right and top/center/bottom.
  • Tile the images or retain margins (border).
  • Set the color of margins.
  • Rotate the image.
  • Consider the height of the status bar and the navigation bar.
  • Save the image to external storage.