Best and Free Open Source ERP software


What is ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning is business management Software, Usually it suite for the integrated applications. The main purpose of this Software is used to Store, collect, manage and interpret data from the many business activities including the product planning, cost and development, Marketing and sales, manufacturing and service delivery, Inventory management, Shipping and payment.

Open source ERP was similar to many Open Source projects where customized programming, support, and other services are also provided by an active global community and partner network. Open Source ERP is alternative to the SAP, Oracle, MicroSoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Adempiere, Compiere, OFBiz, Open bravo, OPen Cancerto, Dolibarr and other enterprise resource planning Software.But, very few know that there is a plethora of Free or Low Cost Open Source solutions that are extremely competent as well as with proper customer support just like the proprietary ones. This article gives you the list of Best and free Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource planning). As Per survey at compiere suggests that 60 percent of the ERP set and maintenance cost can be provided with in the commercial versions. Below is the list of the best and free Open Source ERP software


Compiere is a comprehensive, adaptable and low cost ERP which is based up on fully Java,  Over 1.35 million downloads indicate the proven ERP package. Compiere has support for Cloud Infrastructure, Integration with sales force and much more. Automate all your business services functions, improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, easy quick customization, high quality but with low cost ERP suit that will give other competitors a run.

Compiere is also providing free community version with out support as well as community edition which gives you complete support as well as guarantee.


Adempiere stared as fork of the Compiere and it is fully java Based ERP system which supports a lot of features, The ADempiere project was created in September 2006. Disagreement between the open-source developer community that formed around the Compiere open-source ERP software and the project’s corporate sponsor ultimately led to the creation of Adempiere as a Fork of Compiere. The full fledged ERP, CRM and supply management point of sale suite.


Dolibarr is the Open Source Free software package for the Small as well as Medium companies, Organizations, Free lancers and many more. Dolibarr includes different features for the Enterprise Resource Planning ERP and Customer Relationship Management but also different varieties of Features.

The features of this Dolibarr can be enable and disable when you required, This software has the free license under General Public License. Actually it is web based application you can use any where you want when the internet is available. The main purpose of the Dolibarr is to provide the Free Open source ERP for the people who has no technical Knowledge with the help of simple solution. The main modules of this software is Sales module, Purchase module, Customer Relationship Module, Stock management, Event management, Bank account management and many more.

Blue ERP

Blue ERP is the double entry accounting application for small and medium business, Blue ERP is written in Php language it is delivered through a lamp environment to provide web access to your accounts.

Open ERP

Open ERP is open source ERP suit that supports Enterprise modules, Logistics, Accounting and Finance, HRM, CRM, Project Management, Business Process and more. It is complete package with commercial version available.

This Open ERP software suite actively programmed, supported, and organized by OpenERP s.a.. However it has subsequently rebranded as Odoo, and still conforms to standard expectations of ERP systems, while providing additional modules beyond the coverage of traditional ERP systems.

Apache OFBiz

Apache of Business is the Open Source enterprise resource planning where it provides a suite of enterprise, that integrate applications that integrate and automate many of the business processes of an enterprise. This automation software project licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. As per OFBiz, Open Source enterprise automation means: Open Source ERP, Open Source CRM, Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, Open Source SCM, Open Source MRP, Open Source CMMS/EAM, and so on.


This is full featured high end Open source ERP is designed for the better business process and collobration. We can say ERP5 is an learner management. This ERP 5 uses single model called Unified Buiness Model which is use to describe all its components. Now this project has changed to the control system version in the year 2010 and used this transition to enforce the quality and branch out certain components.


Fedena is Open source school management software developed on the Rails on Ruby application. It is a web 2.0 Base application by Foradian Technologies. Fedena is cloud based school ERP software used in schools for administration purposes. Fedena is a cloud based software used in the schools for administration purpose. In Kerala many number of schools are using this software for the Administration purpose. Commercial Version Fedena Pro comes with add on modules and Premium Modules.