Best and Free Open Source CRM Software

By | June 20, 2014

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing a company interactions with the current and future customers. It also involves using the technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales marketing, Customer service and technical support. Open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors come in all shapes, sizes and business models. To help you narrow the field,  This open source CRM software guide identifies the market share leaders for your CRM software selection short list and provides a CRM feature set matrix to aid your software comparison analysis.

There are many Open Source CRM software available in the market which includes Vtiger, SugerCRM, SplendidCRM, Xtuple, Concursive, Compiere, Opentaps and any more. Actually the Open Source CRM Software is used in the Small Business company. This article is providing the best and free Open source CRM Software. Follow the best and Free Open Source CRM software as below.


SugarCRM is a software based company in the California, which produces the web application sugar also known as SugarCRM, Which is Customer Relationship Management provided for the both Open Source as well as commercial Open Source applications. In this year 2014 in the month of February the company announced that they wont be releasing a New Open source of their community version edition application and this would be fix a only bug application.

This company has many website including the commercial website and development website and the sugar by the third part. As per 2013 this company has over millions of users. According to their website sugarcrm is downloaded 500 times per day.

VtigerCRM Vtiger CRM is also an Open Source CRM application which was forked form the SugarCRM with the intention of being a fully open source CRM application with the comparable to the SugarCRM and This VtigerCRM also offers the reporting a customer potal and an out look plug in in its free edition. We can say Vtiger is a 100% opensource product. We are finding many customers can’t wait for new versions of proprietary software to satisfy their particular business needs for specific features,” said Sreenivas Kanumuru, vice president of product development for vTiger. “Open source allows them to get a fully functional product, then add customizations as they need them.”

SplendidCRM SplendidCRM produces Open Source Customer Relationship Management where this software is developed in the C# for the frame work. This product SplendidCRM is comes with two editions one is Open source and other is Profession.  The main difference between these two products is the inclusion of the stored procedure. Where the source code for the MS out look 2003 and 2007 plug in in the professional Edition.

Compiere   Compiere is a Open Source CRM software business solution for the small and medium size enterprise in distribution system, retail,service and manufacturing. Actually compiere is distributed by consona corporation and through a partner Network a collection of trained and authorized business partners.

Civil CRM Civil CRM is a web based Open source internationalized suite of computer software for constituency relationship managemaent that falls under the board rubric of costumer relationship management. Civil CRM is designed to manage the information about an organization, donors, members, subscribers, event registrants, grant application seeks and funders,  and case contacts volunteers, activists, voters as well as more general sorts of business contacts such as employees, clients or vendors can be managed using civilCRM.

Suite CRM suite CRM is a software fork of the popular Customer Relationship Management Sugar CRM, This is free and open source alternative to paid editions of sugar CRM products and it is based on the last open source release, but ships with additional modules. This software was released in the year 2013 Oct 21 as version 7.0 which provides the upgrades for the other sugarCRM users.

The latest version includes additional modules products, Quotes, Contracts, Invoices, PDF Templates, workflow, Reporting, search, Events, Google Maps Suite CRM is intended to be Open Source alternative to the Sugar CRM.

Centric CRM Centric CRM is well designed open source software fully designed in the JEE compliant. This Centric CRM is comparatively less expensive with Sugar CRM, Yet it is adoptable for small or mid size organization, Corporation or business with Complex sales environment.

Daffodil CRM Daffodil Customer Relationship Management is fully integrated with the Compiere CRM and names as Comdaf. This integrated version Comdaf is targeted the small and medium based business. This integrated version ComDaf CRM is full featured ERP/CRM solution. They will even customize for you at nominal rates.

Junari CRM The junari CRM is fully made from the Open ERP Enterprise resource planning platform, Junari CRM is extensible and fully customization as you have access to the source code. Also offers support for various mobiles including iPhone and Blackberry.