Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office

By | June 23, 2014

Microsoft Office is the industry standard in terms of integrated applications for the words processing, Spread sheets, presentations, Data management email and desktop publishing. How ever, its important for small business owners to know that these types of office applications are also available in free and open source office productivity applications.

Almost all Windows users install Microsoft Office suite in their computer system. Micro Soft is one of the essential software which are installed immediately after a fresh installation of Windows OS. In the market there are availability of  some alternative software which are similar to the Microsoft Office namely Open, king soft suite, soft maker free office. This article gives you clear information about best Alternatives to Microsoft Office in detail.


Open is one of the most popular opensource office suite for the word processing, spread sheets, presentations, Data management,email, desktop publishing and many more. The availability of this Open is in many languages and works on all the Operating system commonly used in the computers. It stores all the data in the international standard format and easy can read and write the data in all the Operating systems. Click Here to Download Open

King Soft suite

King soft is a most complete office suite which provides the user Interface similar to the Microsoft 2003 version, It runs fast because it is very light on resources. This software comes with king soft writer (MS word) King soft Spread Sheet ( MS excel Sheet), Micro soft Presentation (MS Power point) and built in PDF converter. King Soft suite is Highly compatible will all  the formats of the MS office. Click Here to download the King Soft Suite.

Soft Maker Free office

Soft Maker Free Office is a full-featured office suite that comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation-graphics program. Soft Maker Free Office comes with Text Maker (Word processor), Plan Maker (Spreadsheet) and Soft Maker Presentations (Presentation graphics). Click Here to Download this Software.

IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is the rich featured set of productivity tools like Lotus symphony documents, Lotus symphony spread sheets, Lotus symphony presentations, The Lotus symphony is based on the open source open code and supports Open Document formats ODF which means you are not locked in to the propriety file formats, Software license agreement and upgrades. Download this IBM Lotus symphony by Clicking Here.

Libra Office

Libra Office is the power packed free and open source office for windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux which gives high features. Libra Office Boosts the Same applications as previously discussed Apache Open Office Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base  and Math but the two software differs in their features usability and community support. Libra Office is considered as a actively developed for than open office the standard Office. Lets considered a Example offers PDF import minimizer and a wiki publisher. User can expand functionality with extensions and templates as well.

Libra Office is licensed under the GNU Lesser General public license version 3.0, The current version of Libra Office is 3.5.6 which supports GNU/Linux, windows, Macintosh systems.

K Office

K Office is another Open source Office suite, K Office is the processing and desktop publishing applications where you can include the charts, Images and shapes within  your documents re size and rotate this content easily. The features of the  K Office includes styles, word count, Page count, easy Zooming and preview.

K Cell calculation and  spread sheet tool is used to create business type spread sheets listing  for example income, expenditure, employee working hours. The application also feature a scientific formula or automatic economic.

Show Case is a presentation application that supports elements such as graphics, text, charts and images. Features include support for layouts, transitions and notes. A plug-in makes all KOffice content elements available in the Showcase application. This software K Office is available for the Windows Operating System, Linux, Mac OS and Free BSD. The current version of the K office is 2.3.3.

Abi Word

Abi Word is free out processor that started out as a commercial product developed by the source Gear Corp .When Source Gear threw in the towel against Microsoft, the open source community adopted Abi word and continues its development today. Abi word is a small program that consumes few system resources, making it ideal for older, less powerful computers. It is partially compatible with MS Word and a host of other word processor formats. It is one of few word processors that writes left-to-right or right-to-left, making it useful for Hebrew and Arabic documents. Abi word runs on Windows, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Linux, and other operating systems.