Best alternatives for Google Reader


RSS ¬†feed reading market has faced unexpected amount of change because Google has warned that they are going to shut down Google Reader services. This doesn’t just affect the Google Reader users, it also affects the users of Flipboard, Reeder and many other apps depends partly or completely on the Reader to sync the items and managing subscriptions.

There are some other best alternatives for Google Reader which do the same function. Here is the list of some best Google Reader alternatives.

1. Feedly


Feedly is the most popular and one of the best options for those who need the reader on all their devices and it is available as the Safari or Chrome extension and also available as an Android and iOS app. It is well designed and it look like a newspaper more than a constant flow of feeds. The main drawback with this is it doesn’t support OPML files. It recently switched to using the cloud-based method to save your account data, so that it can sync between all your devices you used to read your RSS content. It has some amazing features like organizing your feeds, means changing the order and grouping them into the folder.

2. AOL Reader


Aol is the best replacement feed reader with modern and flat interface and looks like OS X file. You can’t find anything new in this at the same time it is not busted either. It comes with full suite of Android and iOS apps. If you are using the Beta version then you can only sign in with the AOL accounts, but once it is out of beta then you can sign in via Facebook, Twitter or Google. It doesn’t feature automated Google Reader import function, so you need to download an OPML file and there is no search function either.

3. Digg Reader


Digg Reader features the clean-looking refuge and it promises the speedy refuge for standard Google fans and it is exactly in time for the big shut-down. Beta version users reported that Google reader feeds, ¬†favorite icons, starred items and categories port over automatically with no tags. It also comes with some other features like built-in Instapaper option and complete Digg’s thumbs-up and thumbs-down integration. It has also updated iOS app and also includes the RSS reader which enables the users to import Google Reader feeds on the mobile devices instantly.

4. The Old Reader


The Old Reader is basically Google Reader and it is the ultimate social RSS reader for the Open Web to read, discuss and share and its design is practically identical. You can log in using your Google account important feeds that way. It lets you to subscribe to your favorite sites and connect with the friends to share and discuss about the articles you like. Post your favorite article links to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and save them to the Instapaper, Pocket or Readability.

5. NetVibes


Netvibes is first founded in 2005 and initially it is the personalized dashboard publishing platform for the web. It is the best alternative web reader to Google reader with some powerful customization options. It is the most awarded startpage where the millions of people around the globe personalize and publish their all aspects of digital lives. It features a dashboard setting which allows you to create and organize the widgets for the specific feeds and folders move them around.

6. NewsBlur


NewsBlur is available in all versions and web-based version is much similar to Google Reader and Android, iPad and iPhone apps are also available for when you want the news on your hand. The free service is limited and however you can follow 12 sites at a time. Free accounts max out at 64 feeds and this won’t enough for the real users. Unlimited subscription costs just $1 per month. it has the ability to combine the RSS feeds with the ordinary websites and it is very useful. The main drawback with it is not fastest and most powerful and however users might want to look elsewhere.

7. Pulse


It is the social network and the online platform for the professionals and it is one of the several magazine style services and apps which puts the RSS feeds into the good looking layout and make everything look beautiful. Adding feeds to it is bit difficult rather than just passing the feed’s URL and takes your search criteria and looks at the Facebook, Web, Tumblr and Flickr groups. Pulse is definitely worth, if you want the RSS feeds and websites to come together in “Daily Me” personalized magazine”.

8. Flipboard


Flipboard is the another most popular news feed app which gives you the news and updates from around the world. While a mobile application never fulfill the whole Google Reader leaves in desktop browser then Flipboard Android and iOS app is the great, magazine like mobile option for those whose feeds are heavy.

9. Feedspot


Feedspot it other best alternative to Google Reader and it is the premium online RSS feed reader and features the straight forward implementation and design. It contains the number of ways to share the content externally and with in the service and also save the content to the other services such as Pocket, Evernote and Instapaper.

10. Taptu


Taptu is the RSS feed reader with the magazine looking features and it appreciates the sexy interface for the mobile apps. It more looks like a digital magazine and includes the plenty of the recommended feeds from the major media outlets to the end. There are plenty of feeds to customize the feeds and sort them into the columns. It don;t support uploading OPML files and tools are available to organize your feeds rough around the edges.