Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

By | July 3, 2014

Every one is familiar and aware of Google Alerts, As search Engine land reports, the hip new look flaunts a card style design complete with larger headlines, Featured images and social sharing buttons for Google+, Facebook and Twitter as well. The service also now indicates alert frequencies and contains a flag as irrelevant link for each story to help results. The new layout is cleaner, fresher and very much in line with that of other Google products.

Although the revamped Google alerts has taken a lot of changes in the design, the users are getting bore with the same type of functionality, This article brings you the best alternative to Google Alerts. To view the best Alternatives to Google Alerts as follow the below lines.

TalkWalker Alerts

This Talk Walker Alters is also the best thing next level when compare to the Google alerts, In this alerts users can monitor the name, Brand, Competitors, Relative topics and many more. This TalkWalker Alerts resembles the old Google alerts layout and are send directly to your inbox or RSS feed reader

This TalkWalker Alerts is free and also easy and simple to use, To create alerts simply you need to enter the search query and refine it by the result type such as news, Blogs, Discussions are all the above followed by language and frequency. This alerts is almost similar to the old Google Alerts.

Bloomberg Professional 

This Bloomberg Professional alerts is regarding the financial monitoring, If you want to know about the current affairs in the industries. Actually this alerts is created for the financial pros, This alerts offers any where and any time to access the real time financial data, news, analytics and this alerts is to help the users to make smarter business technique.

Bloombeg Professional service covers everything from global companies to exchange securities and more.


Check out mention a media monitoring app that offers advance tools to get most out of alerts, Mention lets users monitor any other keyword both on web and social networks. The extra features include in this mention are team alerts, in app social media integration, analytics, detailed reports and more. Mention is accessible across all devices using the web-based app for PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android and i OS mobile devices. Mention offers free and paid accounts starting at $6.99 a month.


IFTTT which stands for If This Then That is the best solution for businesses that know exactly what they want to monitor and how. This automation app lets users setup alerts so that they are notified whenever their brand or chosen keywords appears on specified websites. This alerts can be sent in a wide range of formats, from emails and text messages to select native mobile apps such as iOS remainders, calenders photos and contacts and the services are Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Facebook and many more. There are Couple of disadvantages by using IFTTT for alerts. Not only do source websites require RSS feeds, but users will also need to individually input them into their IFTTT accounts for each keyword and alert type. IFTTT is a free Web and mobile app.

MeltWater News 

Meltwater News offers industry level monitoring to keep tracks of names, companies, competitors and more. users can use more than 20000 news publications, blogs and social media platforms. You can signup for free trail version and contact Meltwater for paid account information.