Best Alternatives of μTorrent in Windows Operating System

By | October 7, 2014

The μTorrent is one of the famous software among the Windows Operating System user’s, which is mainly used for the torrent files. At earlier this bit torrent client is light on weight and trounced as compared to the other Bit torrent clients, but now at present the μtorrent has a full of junkware with lots of advertisements, if you are searching the alternatives for your μTorrent, then this article will help you.


Best Alternatives of μTorrent Software:


The Deluge is a open source, cross platform client which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac Users. The Deluge is mainly uses libtorrent as a backend. It has a plug-in system which supports all the features which you would to expect: BitTorrent encryption, DHT, peer exchange, magnet URLs, UPnP, RSS, bandwidth scheduling, per-torrent speed limits, a web interface, and many more. The Deluge client can run as a daemon or service in the background, while the Deluge user interface can connect to the daemon. That means you could run Deluge on a remote system also.  You can download this software from here!


#Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission is also popular BitTorrent client on the Mac OS X and Linux. It comes as a default on the Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions. The Transmission-Qt Win project is an “unofficial Windows build of Transmission-Qt” which comes with number of tweaks, additions, and modifications to work better on Windows. It mainly uses its own libTransmission backend. Like Deluge, the Transmission can run as a daemon on another system. You could use the Transmission interface on your desktop to manage the Transmission daemon running on another computer.

It has a different interface which would not be suddenly familiar to uTorrent users. It dispenses with a lot of the knobs and toggles in the typical BitTorrent client interface for something more basic. But still is powerful than it first appears — user can double-click a torrent to view more information, choose the files you want to download, and adjust other options.  You can download this software from here!



It is also a open source software. The qBittorrent is an open-source Bit Torrent client based on libtorrent. This project is up-front about its goal: “The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software alternative to µtorrent.”Its interface is mainly designed to be similar to uTorrent. And it is also available for Windows as well as Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD. You can download this software from here!