Best 4G Network in United States : Review


In US mainly we have  four service providers, which are capable for the 4G network services. The Verizon, T- Mobile, Sprint and AT&T which providing the 4G network service across the country.

Best 4G Network in United States

In four of them the AT &T has provided the fastest download speed as compared to other service provider, but the user is mainly suffering from its coverage problem. According to a firm which found that AT&T’s 4G LTE network is the fastest with the download speeds which has offered an average of 18.6 Mbps and also has an average upload speeds of 9.0 Mbps. The carrier had unmatched maximum download speeds, that topped  in the  charts at a whopping 57.7 Mbps, and impressive maximum upload speeds of 19.6 Mbps. The AT&T connection rate has 81.7 %, which is quite good.


On the other side the Verizon has a second fastest LTE network, which delivers average download speeds of 14.3 Mbps and upload speeds of 8.5 Mbps.  The Verizon provides the speeds on the carrier’s network which reached 49.3 Mbps for maximum downloads and an “extremely fast” whereas it has 19.7 Mbps as a maximum upload speed. It means the Verizon’s network, is slightly slower, as compared  to the AT&T’s,  but the company has a larger footprint and it was available in all 77 markets tested,  which is comparable to 47 tested markets for AT&T’s LTE service. And according  to the RootMetrics  which has noted that the Verizon’s LTE network  is able to connect in 9 out of 10 times.

verizon carrier

In simplicity, we said that Verzion network is slower than the AT&T but it has the vast coverage area in the US. And  according to a another test the Verizon Wireless’ 4G network consistently delivered better speeds  rather than the other big three national carriers in their testing.  The Verizon’s LTE network has continued to reign the supreme when it came time to measure website loading times.

While the T-Mobile offered the HSPA+ network. It has more 200 million active users. The -Mobile has covered 96% of Americans coast to coast. The company’s HSPA+ network averaged download speeds of 7.3 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps. The T-Mobile has said that- “we’re upgrading half of all our 2G/EDGE network to LTE by the end of this year and will be substantially complete in 2015. And we’re just getting started”.


And the fourth Teleservices provider  Sprint is much better than  T mobile  on both- The  Sprint carrier has  an averaged  of 10.3 Mbps for LTE downloads and  it has 4.4 Mbps for LTE uploads, but it was only available in just five of the 77 markets tested.  The Sprint’s has a high-speed (download speed) is 32.7 Mbps, whereas its uploading speed is measured to 9.9 Mbps. The Sprint is also able to access the company’s network 50.2% of the time.


If you are looking for the fastest Internet then, you should check out the AT&T. But if you want to better speed with best coverage the Verzion network is among best of the team, its speed is slightly slower than its competitor AT&T but they are best in coverage. And if  you are budget specific  and not so much interested in the fastest speed, then you will check the T-mobile and Sprint is nice for you.