Belty, an unconventional show-stealing smart wearable at CES 2015

By | January 8, 2015

At CES 2015, where the companies are racing to launch and boast their new smartphones, smart tvs and other smart gadgets, there are some companies unveiling some strangely weird smart items. One such is Emiota’s Belty which is arguably one of the unconventional smart wearable introduced at CES this year.


It may be an year of smart watches but this smart belt cannot get away unseen. If you ever think that a belt can’t do more than holding your trousers, then you are wrong.

This fancy (though not very fancy looking) motorized prototype belt by Paris based start-up Emiota aims to contracts and expands itself based on the wearer’s posture and frame. This prototype not only adapts to the wearer posture but also alerts him when he is lazy or piling on pounds around his waistline.The weight-watcher is chunky, heavy looking snake kinda metal that looks more like an unfinished item from a stainless steel factory or one can even say it looks like a superhero material.


Though Belty grabbed lot of attention and one of the most talked item in CES 2015, it’s quite unsure to say it would be a success when it hits the market. ┬áBut Bertrand Duplat, the co-founder of Emiota, is quite confident that this wearable tech will succeed not by adding something to our lives but by modifying what we already wear.