BeeLine unveils a simple and easy GPS Navigation Device



It is pretty easy to get navigation while riding bicycle with the help of dedicated apps or smartphone support, but navigation becomes tough when you are riding bike by escaping from the potholes on the track. But don’t worry folks, as BeeLine has a solution for this problem.

BeeLine is crowd funding a navigation device, which is simple and pretty useful for bicycle riders. You just have to punch in your direction to the BeeLine GPS unit through your Android smartphone and iPhone apps. When you feed the direction, this simple device will show you the direction through arrows and remaining distance. With this device, BeeLine has made bicycle navigation extremely easy. This GPS navigation device can be mounted onto your bicycle.

This is a very good and easy way to keep track of your direction while cycling. If you want to take any shortcut route to your destination, this GPS device will adjusts the route and show new arrows for direction, meanwhile the remaining distance will keep decreasing as you get closer to your destination.

The BeeLine GPS device developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the device, as of now it has received 357 backers and raised $21,646. The goal of the developer is to raise $92,118. A pledge of $54 and more will get you a BeeLine GPS device, which is lot less than expected $90 retail price. Investors are hoping to ship this device by August 2016.