Beatpro launches free streaming service with no ads

By | February 24, 2015

Beatport is the DJs destination to buy music after listening to the two-minute samples. But not anymore. Now Beatport, to pump up more sales, has initiated to give way to free unlimited streaming. Today Beatport sent out private beta invites for its new dance music streaming service and here is the first look.



Beatport’s store, founded in 2003, provides high-fidelity downloads of electronic music tracks for DJs to play during the sets. Eventually it got bloated with a DJ-to-fan social network and a platform for finding music stems to make remixes. After electronic dance music (EDM) conglomerate SFX acquired the company in 2013, it doled out a round of layoffs to axe divisions that were not revenue generating.

Now Beatport is revving up for a complete overhaul of its product. The music store has now been renamed Beatport Pro and the News section still offers updates, interviews, videos and more from today’s top electronic musicians. The Shows section, which is under-construction will let one scan concert listings and make a calendar of upcoming gigs.


Streaming service is the new feature of Beatport. Its web interface is focused around browsing and discovering music, rather than searching and playing what you already know. The main home page highlights featured artists, chart-toppers, themed playlists, editors’ favorites and club classics. You can pin your favourite tracks to collect them later and display them on you profile.

Click here to request for an invite to early access.

Any song can be streamed instantly for  free through the embedded player. It keeps songs on the loop as you browse around the site. One of the biggest advantage of this is that one would never sit in silence for the tracks get played automatically based on the cues up the rest of the chart or playlist or album found on it.

However, the Beatport lacks the ability to browse by genre. There are some genre playlist at the bottom of the home page, but there is no way to see all the songs or artist from a category like on Beatport Pro. But still, the whole Beatport site feels smooth and polished and is remarkably usable for a v1 interface, and capture the slicked of the genres it carries.

Beatport’s streaming site ties directly into the Beatport Pro download store to quickly discover, listen and then scoot over to buy a song. That is how a streaming gets paid for. No ads, no subscription fees. It is just a loss-leader for the store. That’s a novel approach uniquely fir for DJs who are some of the only people on earth who still need to buy music.

Nery many electronic musicians were already using the Beatport store’s samples to discover songs. Now they can listen to the full-versions in all their glory as they decide if a track is worth a few bucks to buy. The new Beatport does not need mass audience.  If it can convince DJs its the best way to find songs for their sets, subsidizing listening royalties to score lucrative purchases could bring streaming and sales into harmony for Beatport.