Bean Balance Game for Windows Phone : Review


Bean Balance game is the simple and beautiful game and the main goal of this game is just to maintain the balance of the island as long as you can. All you need to do is just pull up or down the anchors that were submerged in order to keep the island on the water. But the real task lies here, the beans will keep running on the island and those beans make the island unstable.


You need to maintain the stability with the beans and you can able to rotate the island and check what the beans are doing and running in which direction. The weight of the beans will press the island into the water and balance those beans and don’t let the island to submerge into water. It is very funny and the difficulty level increases as the time increases.

If the anchor house merges under the water then the underlying tube changes the color indicating the level of the damage done to the island. The damage level is indicated by four colors, Green indicates no damage, Yellow indicates some minor damages, Red means huge damage and Black indicates short to the end of the game.

It is very simple to play but requires some thinking and the level of difficulty keeps on increasing with the time. It looks quite challenging and once the island is damaged you can bring it to the Green level. It is perfect time killing game and I hope you will definitely enjoy this game.

Download Bean Balance for Windows Phone.