Beamery, London’s Job startup raises $2 Million


Beamery, London based recruitment startup, has raised $2 million in seed round from a couple of investors including Edenred Capital partners and Grupa Pracuj, technology firm providing human resource based solutions. The raised funding will be used for product development as well as to expand geographically to more areas, including United States.

Beamery was founded in 2014 by Sultan Saidov, Abakar Saidov and Micheal Paterson as and it is an alumni of AngelPad’s tech accelerator for enterprise solutions. It makes professional solutions for recruiters to help them identify and connect to the potential candidates for hiring. The interesting part is, that the process takes place even before the candidate applies for the job.

Some of the notable names in the client list for the startup include top tech companies like VMware and Facebook. However, despite having such big names on the list, the startup is also working with small and medium enterprises in various sectors such as retail. hospitality and financial services.

Speaking on the development, Akabar Saidov, CEO Beamery stated that the startup uses IoT and machine learning based solutions to determine about the possible future options which a candidate might be considering. The data is evaluated by different means including social media, emails and other recruiting tools. The whole process helps Beamery to create a complete profile of the candidate with prospective interests in terms of job profile and employer.

Adding further to his statement, he commented that there are a number of recruiting startups available at the moment. However, a lot of them are not effective because of the fact that the companies still expect the candidates to come to them, however, to get the top content, that approach is not feasible, because the best candidates do not apply themselves.