BatteryBox – Portable battery for your Macbook

By | May 5, 2014

Suppose it is possible that you had a Mophie-like battery pack for your Macbook. Available for preorder now, the Batterybox is precisely that.

The box itself is about the length of a Credit card and packs a whopping 12,000 mAh battery. That is similar to something like 12 hours of additional juice for the Macbook Air and 6 hours for the Pro. The Batterybox can charge any gadget over USB, and it has its MagSafe2 connector.


The idea behind it is called BatteryOS, an anti-degredation power management system that guarantees to keep the Batterybox working at 96% capability after 5 years.

When plugged in with a Macbook, Batterybox sidesteps the portable computer’s genuine battery and rather sustains control directly to the machine. The methodology is intended to minimize strain on the Macbook’s internal packed battery.

You can charge this external device via USB and it takes up to nine hours to charge completely. You can preorder your own BatteryBox on the product’s website for $129, with shipments scheduled to go out this fall.