WhatsApp for Android allows you to backup the data to Google Drive

By | October 8, 2015


Currently smartphone has become an essential part of everyday’s life. We store almost everything on the phone. Loosing data is everyone’s worst fear, so some apps have their own backup services. Now, WhatsApp has also announced that it is partnering with Google for backing up its data.

Till now WhatsApp had local back up option, which is good but not very useful. If your phone gets lost, you won’t be able to restore your chat history. So to overcome this problem, WhatsApp has partnered with Google that will allow users to back up their WhatsApp history to Google Drive account.

This new backup option is also very simple and straightforward. You can backup all your WhatsApp history including photos, videos and voice messages to Google Drive. This new service allows users to restore all the data whenever you install WhatsApp to a new smartphone.

Setup process is also very simple. Once you update the app, you’ll be getting a prompt to configure the settings that includes Google Account, Backup frequency and whether or not to upload the videos. Once you finish the setup, your all WhatsApp data will be stored on your Google Drive account.

Google says that this feature will be available for everyone in next few months. Users can find this feature in WhatsApp settings. If you want to take advantage of this feature, just keep checking your WhatsApp at regular interval.