How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp messages

By | July 7, 2014

Most of the WhatsApp users would have accidentally deleted the WhatsApp messages of one or more contacts then there is no need to worry, it is very easy to restore the chat history on your WhatsApp. WhatsApp automatically backup and restore WhatsApp messages data and it store on your smartphone and you can backup the messages by uninstalling and re-installing WhatsApp.


Backup WhatsApp messages

  • First open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone from the app drawer.
  • Navigate to the Menu button and tap on Settings option.
  • Now go to the Chat settings section.
  • If once you gone there then click on Backup conversations option.
  • Now all your messages will be then backed up.

Do, now you will have the backed file of all your messages. To restore the backed messages follow the below steps.

Restore WhatsApp messages

  • To restore the messages, first located the WhatsApp folder inside the micro SD card and copy it to your PC.
  • If WhatsApp is installed on your device the uninstall it.
  • Now copy the WhatsApp folder which is on the PC to the SD card of new device.
  • Now download and install the WhatsApp on the new device and if any backup is found it will ask you to restore. Hit on yes to restore the messages on your device.
  • You are done and all the message have been restores on to your new device.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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