How to backup registry in Windows 7

By | September 29, 2014

It is very important to backup all the data on your computer, but it is very important to backup the Windows Registry as well. The registry is nothing but the database which contains all the configuration settings and options for the Windows OS. When any malware hits your PC, this is the first place it infects. Before proceeding to backup of your registry, better to run registry cleaner application to clean up your registry.

How to backup registry in Windows 7

After cleaning up your backup registry, then follow the below steps to backup your registry.

  • Press WIN+R to open the run box and type regedit in the run box and hit enter.
  • After hitting enter registry window will appear and at the top of the list, select computer. Go to File>Export.
  • Now choose the location to save your reg file.
  • That’s it you have backed up your registry. After backing up, remember to keep this backup reg file in the safe place.

Restoring your registry

If you want to restore the backed up registry back, simply double-click on the backup reg file or go to File>Import in the registry window.

This same steps will work on both Windows XP and Vista as well.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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