Azendoo raises $1.5 million to develop its collaborative platform for team tasks


Azendoo, a French startup has secured $1.5 million in a funding round led by TheFamily, Thibault Poutrel and Arnaud Vinciguerra.


Launched in 2012, Azendoo is a collaborative tool that brings together cloud collaboration apps, synchronizes all data and offers a new innovation and interactive method of group tasks management.  A huge population of the world use various cloud app like Evernote. Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or Box. Though these tools may be good to collect and store data when it comes to driving team action it not ideal. Here Azendoos simplifies the work of sharing tasks or documents across the team and keeps everything sync with the team projects.


“We decided to focus on a unique core of users with people working in marketing. There are three categories, agencies, marketing departments and designers. Around half of our sales are for teams in these three areas,” said Gregory Lefort , co-founder and CEO of Azendoo.

Apart from functioning as a collaborative team tool, it also offers Yammer-like feed to interact within the team. Depending on the team the usage may vary. Some may use all the features whereas some may use Slack and leverage the Slack integration. Till date, the startup holds 300,000 users representing 1200 employees team in 80 countries around the world. “It is this result that allowed this second round of funding,” added Lefort. Marketing professionals are the most common users of the Azendoo’s tools.

With the fresh funds, the company plans to build its employees’ team and improve its mobile app. It also plans to integrate with MailChimp, Mention and other tools being in use by the marketing team.

“Clients are still looking for solutions that let them send less mails and plan more easily. We try to avoid complexity – Azendoo manages your tasks and your projects very easily. It can manage your communication if you want.” Unlike other companies, it opened up with mass public and slowly tries to target at the niche – marketing teams. It is planned for long term goal and so cannot be expected in a short time. So for now Azendoo remain to be a freemium model.