August Smart lock supports Apple watch

By | August 3, 2015


August has updated the app for the company’s Smart Lock, which can now be controlled by the Apple Watch. If you are unaware of the Smart Lock, then Smart Locks is a kind of hi tech lock, where you can unlock it by using smart phones instead of the key. There are smart locks, which uses key cards to unlock, so you can use it with an app and share the keys with your guests and you can even change the access while flying or travelling.

August Smart Lock is also a this type of locks, lately you can only open the door by using smartphones but now you can use your Apple Watch to unlock it. The recent update of August Smart lock allows you to open the lock with the help of your Apple smart watch.



So if you are owner of the August Smart Locks, then you can unlock the device by your Apple watch. For locking and unlocking of the device you just have need a swipe and a tap on the watch. According to August, you will also be able to know who has visited the place and you will also get notification whenever anyone locks or unlocks the door.

This new update will be more useful, as it allows you to open the door directly with device, which is on your wrist. This makes its more convenient than the previous, because you have to get your phone from the packet to open the gate. Installation of August Smart Lock is also pretty easy and fuss free.