Attopedia Android app allows browsing Wikipedia from Android Wear


Android Wear is the very new platform, but there are already tons of great apps and services available for the smartwatches running on the Android based interface. Attopedia is the result of these efforts which essentially brings the power of Wikipedia to your Android Wear. Using the most of the watch’s limited screen space, thi8s informative app uses the grid-based interface for the fast access to the historical, science and trivial content.


You already had the sort of access to Wikipedia as searching through the Google Now which often brings up the segments of the information which originates from Wikipedia. Using Attopedia you can browse the Wikipedia pages which are broken down into the grids of the readable text. From here navigating the interface is very easy as swiping up, down , left or right.

Overall, Attopedia is an innovative idea which takes the lots of information and present it in the way which makes the sense of a watch. You may get a doubt why would you need to browse the Wikipedia through the watch when your phone is there. The answer is up to you. In situations like when you are in travelling and when you can’t take your phone out of the pocket, then at this situations it is very useful.

The app is available for free under the GPLv3 license and it weighs 2.9 MB. It offers the interesting take on browsing the heavy content sites like Wikipedia on the devices with the small screen sizes. If you have recently bought the Android Wear device and you frequently visit the Wikipedia for information then this app is definitely useful.

Download Attopedia from Google Play