AT&T offering Double data on mobile share plans


AT&T is planning a new type promoting offers with a limited time to attract new and existing subscribers by double data on mobile share plans with 15 GB on wards up to 50 GB. This offer will be available for both the new and existing who signup for a plan of 15 GB or higher before October 31 will get the double the data to share. This deal is unexpected and certainly welcomed as it really has no downsides.


If you are really interested, the candidates can can signup for a deal before October 31 once you sign up that price will locked in for life making this one of the best deal. At best prices 30 GB shared data bucket will cost $130 per month where the same amount of data would normally run for $225. coming out to the total saving of $95 per month While the usual offers most cost only a friction of price of regular $50.

The move is likely being made to complete with the carriers like Sprint which is recently doubled its data offerings for all subscribers. Where T-mobile also has continued driving the rest of the nation’s carriers to change to change their pricing and plans with its Un-Carrier movement. Stay tune for more updates and information.