AT&T Nexus 6 goes online for just $49.99 on contract

By | October 15, 2014
Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Just before the official launch of then very awaited Nexus 6, the AT&T has made a slight mistake by noting price and has listed the device online for just $49.99 on contract. However, they haven’t published any product page or any announcement details but what we have got is the pricing of Nexus 6 on contract with AT&T which is $49.99.

It’s worth mentioning that while all this is from AT&T directly, pricing and other details may change before the Nexus 6 is announced today – other parts of the Nexus 6 listing spotted on the website appear to be place holders. There’s also no word on availability either, but we can expect to see more with announcements expected today.

According the reports which claim that the rumored ‘Shamu’ will sport a 5.9-inch display and will come with a fingerprint sensor. Motorola’s own devices are still using the 720p recently and Snapdragon 805 seems to be little on the expensive side for a Nexus device.

If you are waiting to get this device on your hand, just wait for couple of more weeks, however by today Google is all set to reveal the device with pricing and hardware details.

Source: AT&T