AT&T brings its Gigabit Fiber to 38 more cities



The plan of AT&T to cover most of US with Gigabit fiber internet service is in full swing, as the company is expanding its GigaPower service to even more cities. The carrier has been offering gigabit-speed internet since 2013, but most of the people still don’t have access to company’s this super fast internet service. Today, the company has announced that its super speed internet service is coming to 38 more cities. This means that more and more people can download their games at very fast speed.

AT&T has started gigabit fiber internet service in Austin two years ago and as of now this service is available in 18 metro areas. But from today, 38 more cities will be get GigaPower plan of AT&T. The company is also planning to bring this super fast internet service to 36 more cities including Detroit and San Francisco in coming months.

GigaPower internet service from AT&T is a fiber to the premises network, the company wants to roll out fiber optics cable to everyone’s home. Most of the cables for the Gigabit network are of fiber optics, but last mile cables are still traditional copper cables. AT&T is not the only company that is offering gigabit internet service, as Google and some other broadband providers are also working on super fast Gigabit internet service.