AT&T announces ZTE Mobley that offer Wi-Fi Hotspot for your car

By | September 9, 2015


Built-in Wi-Fi is currently one of the common issues as most of the people wants to have it in their cars, which by the way can be enjoyed in some latest cars, but the integrated Wi-Fi option is still not available in old cars. AT&T has found a solution to your problem as the company is set to offer you a device that will allow you access internet through Wi-Fi hotspot.

AT&T has announced a new device named ZTE Mobley that is set to offe Wi-Fi hotspot in the cars. This ZTE Mobley device plugs in to the OBD-II port of your cars and offer wireless internet connection to everyone sitting in the vehicles. The Wi-Fi hotspot starts as soon as you start your car and this device is compatible with most of the American car model manufactured after 1996. This device also won’t have much impact on the battery life of your car.


The Mobley comes with Qualcomm MDM9215 processor that allows up to five people to use the Wi-Fi hotspot. You can get the ZTE Mobley for free if you sign two year contract or you can get the device for $99.99. You’ll have to spend some money for the services as well. If you are AT&T customers, you can add the Mobley to your shared data account for an extra $10. If you are not an AT&T customers, you have to get a DataConnect Plan for $20 for 1Gb or $30 for 3GB.

This new device from AT&T is sure to be prove very helpful, as everyone uses internet for various purposes like chatting, video calling or some other stuff on drive. Surely this device will make the life on the road easier.