AT&T Launches Second Screen ios app for Babies

By | May 9, 2014

AT and T an American Multinational Telecommunications corporation company is launched a new ios app for the babies and to their parents for an educational way to interact with their babies. Actually this AT and T is targeting targeting new audience for second screen in front of Television. The first app by this company was released earlier. That first baby app was a part of AT and T u verse service which pairs with the Baby first channel on television and allows parents to create shapes, animals and characters.

baby _first



AT and T say that they recommenced this app mainly for the children in between one and three ages and also to their parents to teach their children different shapes, colors and animals. AT and T is trying to help the toddlers to interact with basic educational aspects, but the thing is that the  scientists are telling Screen seen b y the kid in between one to 3 year age may cause more harm to their eyes. Here we come in to the app in depth, Basically this application comes with two sections namely

  1. Active room
  2. Coloring pages

In Active room children can add colorful shapes and characters to the Digital TV screen,  and the second section coloring pages makes the children to do colors which acts as visual coloring book.

Initially If you open the app the parents have to enter a three digit code to active the beaming function to enable, Once you enable with u verse automatically change the channel to Baby First when you open the application. with out beaming function non subscribes of AT and T customers are also can be used by Stand alone app.

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