Asus ZenWatch vs Moto 360 : Quick Comparison


Asus ZenWatch has finally launched and now the battle of the Android Wear devices has started officially. Asus’s ZenWatch is the strong competitor for Moto 360 and here is the comparison and see which of them will win the battle for your crush. Both these smartwatches have so much to show and lets enter into the details and see which one is best.

Asus ZenWatch vs Moto 360


Design and build quality

We can’t completely attest the build quality just yet, both of them are made with the stainless steel frame. Their straps are made of leather of 22 mm. Both these products can resist to dust damage and water, making them quite durable against the elements. Coming to the design, both these smartwatches are gorgeous, but the personal preference will play big role on your inclination.

Moto 360 has the very stylish and elegant design, whereas ZenWatch has the classic appearance. Asus’s smartwatch holds the close resemblance to the analog watches and can be used as alternatives.



Most of the specifications of these devices are very similar, but with some differences. Notable difference is their processors, Asus Zenwatch is powered by 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, which is found in the mid range smartphones. But Moto 360 is powered by Texas Instruments processor which may not be as powerful. Asus ZenWatch is having slightly larger display with 1.63 inch, with 320 x 320 screen resolution with AMOLED screen. Moto 360 screen is bit smaller with 1.5 inch and 320 x 290 pixels screen resolution.

Other specifications are almost similar with 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. Battery performance of Asus is yet to be tested and Moto 360 features wireless charging, a feature which give Moto 360 upper hand.


M0to 360’s price is bit low as it is available for $250, Asus ZenWatch is available for $260. Regardless of processor all the other features including prices also same. Asus ZenWatch may take slight advantage over due to its performance and my option is Asus ZenWatch.