Assassin’s creed Unity to launch later this year

By | October 1, 2014
Assassin's creed Unity

Assassin's creed Unity

Assassin’s creed Unity is a forth coming action adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft and is the seventh major instalment in the assassin’s creed series and is also the successor of ¬†Assassin’s creed Blackflag. The story’s set within Paris during the a French revolution and you play as Arno Dorian, a French assassin and also a completely new face to the assassin’s creed series to expose corrupt kings, queens and lords behind the revolution. This game introduces many new features including a completely new combat style and a very new advancement in the Assassins’s creed series, the stealth mode. Now, the choice is yours, you can choose your approach to an enemy, be it stealth i.e. Arno can move cover to cover either bypassing the enemy or silently taking him down, or, be it a melee attack. The game is also featuring an all new weapon, the phantom blade. This hidden blade has a small crossbow which silently releases a arrow taking down a enemy, which is definitely great for stealth action.

The game’s also featuring an an all new co-op multiplayer service in the game. With this advancement you can join other assassins’s playing the game and you can help them to advance in the game. Maximum of four players can join this co-op campaign at a time. In the game, now you need not to find a haystack to get to the ground level, there’s an all new system Ubisoft developed, i.e. ‘parkour up’ and ‘parkour down’ which will definitely be a a major point of notice for the Assassin’s creed fans. Ubisoft has also developed a beautiful layout of the Paris city with all the ancient monuments and very magnificent landmarks also.

The game was originally declared to be releasing on 28 Oct ’14, however Ubisoft delayed the game release on 11 Nov ’14 and stated that it needed a little more time for for final touchups and all.The game is coming for PC, Xbox One and Ps4.

Developer: Ubisoft montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release date:

  • JP December 4, 2014
  • NA November 11, 2014
  • PAL November 13, 2014

Genre: Action Adventure and stealth.