ARM releases Mali-470 GPU for wearable smart devices




Smartwatch has grown very fast and currently it is first choice for young generation people. It combines style with lots of additional features and does more than just showing times. Now, lots of smartwatches are available in the market with various price tag.

The graphics of most of the smartwatch available in the market is pretty simple and are restricted to basic effects. But, it looks like ARM has a solution for this problem, as the company has announced that it is launching Mali-470 GPU. This Mali-470 is a low power mobile graphics specifically made for wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This GPU comes with flashy per pixel visual effects that can be seen on most of the modern phones, but the main advantage of this GPU is that it consumes almost half of the power if we compare it to Mali-400. This GPU will let your smart devices show some 3D animations and that too without affecting the battery life.

Dan Wilson, the product manager of ARM said to EE Times, “Every company that contributes IP or components into [IoT] devices needs to do their bit to reduce the amount of power needed by those electronics, we’ve made a range of micro-architectural optimizations to power Mali 470,”

ARM has not announced the name of its customers yet, who are going to use this Mali-470 GPU in their processor. We have to wait and see where this GPU find its place. It is for sure that whenever it gets into any smart devices, it will make their graphics pretty cool.