Apto bags $8 million in Series B round of funding to fuel growth


Apto, a leading software provider for brokerage management in the commercial real estate industry has raised $8 million in Series B round of funding led by Adam Street Partners. As part of the investment, Jeffrey Diehl, managing dirextor at Adams Street Partners have got on board into Apto’s board of advisors.


The leading cloud-based CRM management and brokerage management software provider Apto was designed and founded by top real estate experts. It acts as a platform to serve powerful and much needed tools to the brokers for customer relationship management, deal management and back-end operations. Top companies on commercial real estate depend of the Apto’s intuitive SaaS technology to generate more profitable client relationships, take better business decisions and manage the operations better.

In the last six months, Apto’s revenue has tripled with a significant growth caused by the customer acquisitions in the commercial real estate market and holds clientele from small to large enterprise who are in the list of top ten brands .

“Apto’s is at the forefront of cloud-based and mobile technology for commercial real estate, and we are extremely pleased to partner with Adams Street Partners as we continue to innovate and help solve significant needs in the industry,” said Tanner McGraw, CEO and founder of Apto. “Adam’s Street Partners has an impressive portfolio of high-growth technology companies and its investment is a tremendous validation of both our technology and the market opportunity.”

Diehl, further to getting on board on Apto he said, “We are excited to partner with Apto and are very impressed with its platform, go-to-market partnerships and growth. IT’s industry-specific software addressess the growing need for efficiency and automation in commercial real estate and we see Apto as a major player in the industry.”

With the new capital, the Apto plans to spend on innovating its products, expand market and sales and improve operations to catch up with the fast growing demand for its brokerage management technology. Adding on with the previous investments, the startup has raised around $10.4 million in total so far.