Apps to Make Voice Note on Android

By | July 8, 2014
voice note android apps

There are many features regarding this voice notes apps, specially we can make the fast notes just speaking to the android phone, The main purpose of this application is to make the note fast and correctly. This article brings you the apps to make Voice Note on Android. Follow the below apps to make the notes quickly.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes is an Android application which is available in the Google Play store to make the notes quickly/fast and correct as I mentioned earlier, The features of this Voice notes includes supports the audio formats of mp3, mp4 as well as 3gp. It also has ability to Lock screen widget. Works even with security enabled (Pin/Pattern) and also has option called Navigation Drawer style navigation.

Some of the other features of this application includes

  • Added ability to share voice notes, Premium feature. Needs In App buying.
  • Free version includes unlimited compressed recording
  • Unlimited Uncompressed (.wav) is available as a Premium feature.

The price of this voice Notes will costs around $0.99, Click Here to download the Voice Notes application.

Voice Note

Similar to voice note this is also an Android application which allows you to store notes on your smart device in simple manner by dictate voice notes in the those contexts for which typing for the keyboard can be awkward or inappropriate and allows the sharing of notes via mail and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Click Here to Download this application Voice Note, The features of this app voice note includes

  • The interface of the application is better when compare to previous version.
  • Table layout.
  • notes order able by date.
  • deletion conformation.

One touch Voice Note

This is also an Android application which is used to record voice notes, By click one touch you can convert the voice to text and send via email, SMS and even you can share this in the social networking sites like Facebook as well as Twitter. Similar to the other application this also has a option to send email in the background which is called as semi automatic. The features of this One Touch voice note includes as given below.

  • Queueing of  messages records as audio only when no network connections is available. You can send audio only instead of text or else you can send both audio as well as video and even you can attach a photo.
  • Append to the messages already in progress.
  • Recorder can start automatically when you open the application.
  • Although the application currently has English text all the menus etc the Google speech recognition supports many different languages. The ATT speech recognition engine supports English and Spanish.
  • Some phones supports Bluetooth .
  • A Set of messages is kept, including any attached audio recordings for later listening.

Over all I can say this app is perfectly easy to use and User Interface is pretty Good, If you are interested to download this application then you can get it from the Google play store. Click Here to download this app.

Sync Voice Note

This is also a voice Note which combines the functionality of the memo pad as well as the audio recorder to enable the user jot notes to the synchronized audio recordings. The sync voice notes also saves you the tremendous amount of time to search the audio which matches your own notes and vice versa. If you are interested to use this application click Here or else you can download directly from the Google Play Store of your Android device.