Apple’s new iphone 6 may support mobile wallet payment system


As per rumors Apple new iPhone 6 is coming with a mobile Wallet payment system, by using this owners can easily pay in stores simply by tapping on a reader it can be claimed.

[quote]”According to the Bloomberg news : Apple is planning to enable its next iPhone to become a mobile wallet by allowing owners to securely pay the mobile payment with the touch of finger”[/quote]

Apple_iPhone6_with_NFC technology

The agreement of this includes the Visa, MasterCard and American Express, we can expect this announcement officially by the Apple on September 9th along with the Apple next generation iPhone.

As per source the new phone will simply the mobile payment by including the special communication chip along with the finger print recognition reader which is to debuted first on iPhone 6. Officials could not immediately be reached at Apple, Visa, MasterCard and American express.

With this recent report also say that next iPhone and iWatch will have incorporate NFC technology to enable by the owners to pay by touch. We can see NFC technology is being put for the good use with Apple’s latest next generation iPhone. Even Apple is also working hard with NXP semiconductors to make it possible with coming iPhone. Financial times also reported that this NFC will allows the iPhone to connect the payment terminals or ticketing systems. We hope this will work good and stay tuned for more updates.