Apple’s leaked HomePod firmware reveals iPhone 8 screen layout, resizable Home button, more


Everyone is curious about the latest edition of Apple’s iPhone smartphone i.e. iPhone 8. Today, we have found a new leak on the Apple’s HomePod Firmware. According to this leak, the new iPhone 8 would feature an on-screen Home button which could be customizable. This Home button would be available on the display as virtual home button. This button can be hide or user can even change the place of the button as he wants. 

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According to this, a new API evidence shows that this new Home button would be a part of periphery area. It is still unclear whether other functions would be available within this new Home button or not. If you are watching a video or movie with full screen on your iPhone 8 smartphone, you will not see any home button. In fact, this button could be there anytime and there is no any clear information about it. Check out the live tweet from here :

He has tweet one more tweet saying, “There is a system periphery area that expands/minimizes and shows/hides the home button indicator as needed.” Some other news suggest that, the new iPhone 8’s home button will be changing color according to the launched apps. However, there is no any information on changing the color of the home button to different applications.

So this is pretty much clear that, this is the only iPhone which doesn’t feature any Physical home button and hence it would feature a virtual home button. It is also adding some shine on the virtual touch ID sensor on the phone. This new Touch ID Sensor which is known as Fingerprint Scanner for Android devices would take place at the back panel of the device. Some other reports also suggest that this Touch ID sensor feature would be placed within the Display of the phone’s front panel. More information about the Touch ID Sensor will be provided later on by the officials.

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Apart from this, some other reports also suggest that there will be a set of improved functionality to the new iPhone 8’s Camera application. Recently, iOS 11 added a number of improvements to the existing camera app. This new iPhone 8’s camera would allow you to take ultra-slow-mo video capture of 240fps at 1080p. However, there is still not an official words about this feature spoken by the officials.

Additionally, this new HomePod firmware also suggest that iPhone’s 8 facial-recognition system will work when phone is flat. It can be able to mute notifications when it detects user is looking at the display. So this will be a good feature that this new iPhone 8 will carry. Additionally, the software would also support payments to be received and sent. Users will also be able to use third party apps within the phone. You can even add multiple faces within this new Firmware of the phone.

So this is what we know so far about the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 smartphone. Do share your thoughts and views on this new feature of the iPhone 8. Share your feedback as comments in the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned for more such useful updates on latest apps, smartphones and technology news.