Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S : Comparison


After few months of rumors Apple launched their first Smart Wearable product, but Previously as per rumors all thought that Apple may name their Smart Watch as iWatch. Now the iWatch is official and its not called iWatch it’s called as “Apple Watch”. Yesterday this Gadget was launched in a Grand manner along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in the Flint Center. In this competitive market every company likes to be competitor to Apple, where Samsung is also one of them and also best competitor. Samsung also recently released their Smart watch Samsung Gear S in IFA event 2014. Here we are comparing two Smart watches Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S.

Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S


Design and Build

Apple watch is not as slim as iPhone 6 and it is flat, so in form factor its not radically different from the other smart watches on the Market. But Apple has been careful to keep it from looking bulky, and even the larger version didn’t look out of place on a dainty female wrist. The dial is Smaller than the men’s Watches and it is very easy to access. The screen is bright and crisp, While some of the watch faces look fantastic, this watch will never be able to ape posh fashion watches in the same way as Moto 360. Not circular watches Posh Fashion any way.


Where as Samsung Gear S comes with a curved and rectangular shaped smart watch, which comes with the own SIM slot and in-built GPS. The design of this smartwatch is certainly smart and the OLED screen it features slopes with the curvature of the wrist, but you have something that doesn’t sit definitely on your wrist. It will definitely get you noticed from a group and it makes a statement you have joined smartwatch revolution.


There are many features in Apple Watch, where this is first Smart watch comes with two Face sizes i,e 1.5 and 1.65 inch display where wrist straps made of synthetic and leather materials and metal. These watch will acts as companion device only to Apple Products like iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and no iPads. This will connect via Bluetooth as will as WiFi on board too. Where as Samsung Gear S comes with 2 inch Curved AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 X 480 pixels, Gear S display is comparatively high as well as the device is also bulky. Even Gear S also has connectivity Bluetooth.

In Apple Watch you use the Touchscreen as multi interface purpose, Apple ranks the Watch’s “Digital Crown” as as big a breakthrough as previous innovations like the iPod’s Click Wheel and the iPhone’s Multi Touch interface. You can twist the Crown to zoom in and out of the screen, or press it down to quickly access Siri.

When the Apple Watch gets a notification, it’ll vibrate to alert you. You can then raise your wrist to turn on the screen and view the notification, which saves your battery life. There is also haptics to aid input feedback  which is the first for an Apple device. This device also includes many senors like accelerometer inside and a heartbeat monitor on the back of the Apple Watch, and it’ll draw GPS data from your iPhone. All that goes towards making the Watch Apple’s new fitness tracker.

There is also a two new apps Fitness and Workout, where you can able to track distance, calories burned and the duration of your workout.

Samsung Gear S comes with decent specifications and huge display and this device features sensors like Gyro, proximity, accelerometer, heart rate, compass, UV light and Barometer.


Both features of the devices are decent, where as we have to wait until early 2015 for the release. As per design and looks Gear S is very stylish when compare to Apple Watch. But in Apple we have choice to choose the desired Watch as there are two sizes of Apple Watch. Apple watch comes with a price tag of $349 where Samsung Gear S costs around $260.