Apple Watch vs Pebble steel watch : Comparison


After the months of hints and mystery, Apple has finally launched its first wearable and joined the battle of smartwatches. This is year all the major companies launched their Smart Watch which trending all over expect HTC. Even HTC is planning to launch their SmartWatch next year. Actually Pebble Steel watch initiated this year with a grand launch oN January 2014 and passes a healthy competition to wards Apple, Samsung, LG etc. This article bring you the details comparison between Apple Watch and Pebble Steel.

Apple Watch vs Pebble steel watch

Pebble_smart watch

Design and Build in quality

Everyone expect build quality from Apple let it be Smartphone or anything with light, strong and slim too. Apple Watch is not so slim as iPhone 6 and not different from other smartwatches in the market. But Apple has taken some care to avoid it looking bulky and its dial looks less noticeable in real life than it does in the promo shots. It sports the small dial compared to dials on most men’s watches, but very easy to access. It has a great piece of design and allow you to move the things on the screen without covering them with the fingers.

Pebble Smartwatch comes with high-end construction and stainless steel chassis frame along with Gorilla Glass screen. The Stainless steel band adds more classic look and sophisticated feel to the watch. It comes in either in stainless steel band or black leather band or both. With its simplicity and great looks, it looks great on formal wear.



Apple Watches expected to come in two different variants with screen sizes 1.5 and 1.65 inches displays uses the scratch-resistant glass on the display. All the sensors are included on the back of the watch face and it detects the user pulse to track the things like calories burned, distance walked or run, heart monitoring and more.

Pebble Steel comes with 1.26 inch display with 144 x 168 pixels resolution. The connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, proprietary USB cable and Headphone jack 3.5mm. It comes with 512 MB RAM and 130 mAh battery capacity. It features sensors like Ambient  accelerometer and Magnetometer sensor. Set alarm, calendar reminder and get email, Facebook, Google Hangout, Text message and Twitter notifications. Pebble comes with a price tag of 145 Euros, Apple watch costs around $349.