Apple Watch to come with stylish Hermès leather bands

By | September 10, 2015


Apple announces some major updates to the hardware of Apple Watch at the mega event on September 9th in San Francisco. The new stainless sports model of the watch will come in two new colors option: Gold and Rose Gold. Both the models come with anodized aluminum finish. These watches come at the same price of existing sport watch series of Apple.

The new sports models also feature the space black color and the watch comes in a special red option with red bright band. The company has also updated the bands of the watch. The tech giant has partnered with Hermès for releasing Apple watch with Hermès interface.

You’ll get three handmade bands by the giant French luxury brand Hermès. These leather bands add some more fashion statement to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch with Hermès bands doesn’t come cheap as the single tour band of Hermès band around your wrists is likely to cost $1,100 and the Apple watch with double tour band that wraps your wrist twice is likely cost $1,250.

Apple also launches two new sports bands that come in “neutral tones” and “vibrant hues”. Apple is also going to update the WatchOS to second generation and the update is likely to be available on September 16, 2015 for free.