Apple TV sales at fourth Position after Google, Amazon and Roku

By | August 25, 2015

Apple has been consistently giving us lot more than just normal tech products. It believes in giving more to its consumers , however, things have not been going great for Apple and somewhere, it has lost it’s stage.

Apple has fallen down to the fourth position after Google, Amazon and Roku in selling the set top box. Apple have ruled the market for around two years but the researchers from Parks Associates have found that now it’s the fourth highest selling set top box which is quite shocking.

Roku has grabbed the first position followed by google and now Amazon’s Fire TV overhauled Apple’s streaming Video device In United States in the year 2014.

Apple’s Market Condition

Roku sales are around 34% of all the streaming devices sold in the US and according to the recent research, Apple is far away from leading the market.

Roku pulls up the market lead in to its hand by taking over 34% of the market share, Google to grab second position by nailing 23% of the market share and now Amazon’s fire TV surpassed Apple sales by grabbing the Third position in the market share.


Apple financial condition to produce its next product Apple TV 2 would need a lot more support. The shares of Apple has dropped down by around 2.5%. Though recently research has found Apple in the fourth position, it was the most used set-top boxes last year with 17% of all usage according to the Parks Associate.

Apple’s new event

Bearing this in mind, very soon in September Apple is conducting an event with its latest living room design by Cupertino Company, where it is trying retain its market lead with this new launch.