Apple TV More Cloudy For More Extra Movies


The Tech giant Apple brought some new features for its Apple TV that take advantage of the company’s cloud-based system and makes it easier for consumers who buy movies via Apple TV to watch iTunes Extras.

At the present time  hundreds of films, including Frozen and The Avengers have extras that automatically appear in users’ Apple TV libraries. Previously, you have to could get extras, but had to download them, which could be time-consuming and make bored the consumers. The Apple TV user has to purchase the film via iTunes or Apple TV;  the rentals do not come with extras. You can also preview iTunes Extras before you purchase the film.


Among the new iTunes Extras available today is concept art for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and behind-the-scenes clips from The Lego Movie. The  Extras can include alternative and deleted scenes, short films, photo galleries and cast and crew information, and other bonus content provided by the filmmakers and studios. Some extras may have appeared on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and other digitally distributed versions of the movie, which reflects the new cloud approach of the Apple  to his consumers.

Apple wants that the people use more and more cloud space and offered nice and new features to his users. The Apple is also offering the studios tap into the cloud-based system to constantly update exclusive iTunes Extra content for films with the added the material in the upcoming weeks and months.