Apple to unveil new mix streaming music service to beat spotify


Apple’s new steaming music service will officially be launched in June. The streaming service is complete update of Beans, yet with iTunes marking and close mix with Apple gadgets. No exact date has been confirmed; however sources say the administration may be revealed at the yearly Apple developer conference event in early June.


Apple executives has been long wanting to help the music industry to boil down the flood of free digital music by re-launching its own subscription streaming service this year. Unlike Spotify and YouTube, Apple’s service won’t offer a free ‘tier’ of music interspersed with ads – after an initial trial period, users will need to pay to play. Eddy Cue and Jimmy Lovine, the Apple executives have been arguing that the music business ‘needs to get behind a paywall.’ Apple bought Beats last year, partly to have a stronger grip on streaming music just as iTunes sales of digital downloads had started to drop.

Currently, Apple is on a discussions with the music labels for licenses for a revamped version of Beats.
Sources say Apple is working on to make a change by roping in high-profile artists to distribute their music through them before it enters into a deal with other services.

The new streaming service from Apple will have some of the recommendations and personalization features on the current Beats service, yet would run on new programming. It is no likely to carry its old name, so administration’s change of name is very much possible. Apart from its own, Apple also intends to its music streaming service in other platforms including Android and web. Initially, the service was set to launch in March, yet Android advancement has pushed the launch to June.

It is not surprising that Apple plans to offer their service in multiple platforms. As a matter of fact, iTunes is accessible on Windows and iWork is accessible to anybody whichever operating system they are utilizing.

If Apple makes the right moves and click the right buttons, it could become a significant candidate to drive streaming services similar to Spotify. The company anticipate offering the service at an appealing price which would push its rivals behind. Apple anticipates offering its administration for $7.99 per month, which is $2 lesser than Spotify and Rdio memberships. Currently, Spotify has 60 million clients and 15 million paid endorsers. Despite of this, Macintosh has the preference of having the capacity to offer its administration to a huge number of iPad, iPhone and Macintosh clients.

Apart from it, Apple has another advantage of having an extensive budget. The company has been determined to get hardheaded artists, in the same way as The Beatles who will be streaming through their service. With Apple’s impact and sufficient funding, the organization’s new streaming service can easily pull in clients from rival and rope in new ones who for now use iTunes.