Apple to open its first retail store in Singapore in 2016



Apple is expanding its retail store globally pretty rapidly, as the company has now announced opening of its first retail store in Singapore. Apple’s this store is reportedly going to open sometime in 2016. We first got this news last month, when it was reported that the Cupertino based company is opening its first retail store in Singapore.

Today, Apple has listed out several job vacancies like Specialists, Business Specialists, Creative, and some other Apple positions for its Singapore Retail Store. This store is going to open at Knightsbridge at a four storage luxury shopping center.

As of Now, Apple doesn’t have any official retail store in this region. So people, who are interested in buying Apple product have to buy their devices from third party retailers or online store. But if anyone wants to buy product from Apple’s official retail store, then they have to go to company’s retail store in Hong Kong or Australia.

As of now, we don’t have any specific date of opening of Apple retail store in Singapore, but it is going to open sometime next year.