Apple to make its upcoming phones, water-repellent!


Just when Samsung withdraws waterproof flagship smartphones, Apple does the exact opposite according to a newly filed patent. Apple recently filed a patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office describing different methods for water proofing the upcoming ‘i’ and Mac products.

water proof iphone

There are very many ways to waterproof a smartphone, including closing all of the open ports and coating the internals with a protective hydrophobic material. But as this patent explains Apple has a technique that will protect the internal intricate components from water. The technique will combine a hydrophobic coating (water repellent) with electromagnetic interference shields to protect the internal components.

By utilizing the chemical vapor deposition (PACVD) technology, the technique portrayed in the patent can overlay water-sensitive parts and potentially water damage. A waterproof covering is applied to the printed circuit board (PCB) in the cell phone, and additionally its electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield. Bind lead in circuit boards can be ensured through silicon seals put in order to frame electrical connectors.

As a matter of fact, an idea of waterproof device is not all that new. It is common to find this kind of protection on smart watches, fitness bands and cameras on regular basis. Then again, considering the simplicity of which a new expensive devices can be ruined through accidental exposure to liquids, protecting the iPhone from such damage could turn into a new appealing selling point for the tech titan – and give the company an edge over components including Samsung and Xiaomi.

Having a waterproof iPhone or iPad could be extremely useful, particularly with Apple pushing into the enterprise world. If the device can withstand different types of terrain, it will make businesses more likely to pick it up in bulk. It is definitely a big consumer feature. Apart from Samsung, Sony has also tried its hands on making waterproof mobile phones.

Having waterproofing on mobile phones does make them lot safer and cheaper to insure. A lot of mobile accidents see phones dropped into the bath or getting too much water inside the phone, leading to internal issues. This shielding to protect water from damaging the phone can save the users time and money to repair it.

The company says that they are currently working on it so its most unlikely to be available on the iPhone6S that is expected to be launched end of this year. So iPhone7 can be expected to be the first step for Apple to use this technology. This also imply that iPad and MacBook are unlikley to receive waterproofing elements until 2016.