Apple in talks to enter pay-TV business

By | February 6, 2015

Rumors connected with the top tech companies are endless. The recent rumor is Apple is in talks with television programmers to enter the pay-TV business.

The rumor is not new for the speculation for Apple pay-TV has been on ever since the launch of iPad. The recent version of the rumor is that it is soon to partner with Time Warner Cable on the TV-streaming box. But Apple is apparently planning to work directly with network owners instead.

Apple TV concept images

Apple TV concept images

Alike the Dish Network’s Sling TV, Cupertino would chop of the middleman and sell the bundles of content over the Web, directly to its customers and not offer the entire TV lineup. The difference between Apple and Sling is that Sling is an app as well as a channel but Apple TV is not.

The report from Recode, says that it would mean Apple would not be inventing new ways for the TV to work but would offer its own version of it, with its own interface and user experience.

It has to be noted that Apple has made several attempts at finding a key to the television market, including marketing an Apple TV box for routing content from the Internet to home screens.

When reached to Apple for clarification, it declined to comment.

Though the company has demonstrated it to the programmers, the talks seems to be at the early stage. Pricing is not yet determined and the details regarding the launch date is not yet decided, reports Recode.