Apple Stores will starts replacing iPhone 5s display from next week


Apple stores are reportedly preparing to offer official iPhone 5s screen replacements starting on August 4, allowing owners to get their display replaced by an Apple Genius employee for a reasonable price and this will be good news for the Apple iPhone 5s users.

According to the reports and several sources, the stores of Apple have received large quantities of iPhone 5s screens to prepare for the launch of the new repair program that will supposedly launch on Monday. Actually this iPhone 5s screen replacements have slowly rolled out to a few Apple Stores across the US over the last few months, but this will mark the official launch of the repair program.

This replacing the display of iPhone 5S screen is around $150, which you any think expensive but this the best way rather than replacing entire phone. The same display may cost $270 when your is out of warranty if you are with in warranty as I said earlier this may cost $150 only.

The main reason to start this repair program is to reduce the number of broken units of the apple. Instead, of repairing and giving the new iPhone to the customers when they come in. As every one knows Apple already started offering iPhone 5c screen replacements back in January, allowing owners of Apple’s cheaper iPhone to pay less for a repair, rather than having to get the entire device replaced, which can be expensive. Stay tune for more information.